Frequently Asked Questions

What is Offeronia?

Offeronia is a free gift website where you can complete small tasks and get gifts for totally free.

What are Gems?

You can use gems to directly buy items from our store. Gems can be acquired by completing task in our task list.

What are Coins?

You can use Coins to bid and win items in our Auction. Coins can be acquired in following ways.

  • Invite friends
  • Post Banners in Facebook
  • Login daily
How Store works?

There are many items in the store like Electronics and Gift Cards. You can order them with your Gems at any time.

How Auction works?

We list items every day and anyone can bid and win them. If you won an item, you can order it by paying the highest bid in Coins. If you fail to order the item within two days after auction ends, we will remove it.

Does Offeronia ship prizes to any country in the world?

Yes, we ship items to any country in the world for free. It will take 3-8 weeks to receive your item.

What kind of items does Offeronia have?

We have a large collection of items including:
Gadgets like Smart Phones, Tablets, Cameras, Gaming Consoles, and Speakers etc. Gift Cards including iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation, XBOX and more.

I have ordered a free item, how long does it take to receive?

Usually we ship items within three working days. We will send you a tracking number to track your package.

In some cases we take some time to verify your activity before shipping the item. Usually this happens when your account is new.

My order is in processing state for few days. How long does it take to ship?

This happens when we decide to verify your activity before sending your item. This is to avoid situations like cancelling subscription tasks to earn Gems.

For an example, if you complete a task like 'subscribe to 7 day free trial', you will get your Gems at the first day. Someone can unsubscribe next day after ordering an item. This is against our terms and in such situation, we will cancel the order and your account could get suspended.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via [email protected]