Download and Promote Apps


Summary: In this task you have to download and promote Android Apps.


Copy the promotion link of the each App.  Send it to your friends, share it on Facebook and promote it. When someone downloads it from your link, you will get coins depending on the user’s country.


  • You will get coins per each unique download. (i.e you will not get coins for uninstalling and installing again)
  • User must use the downloaded app for more than 15 mins.

Tips to promote:

  • You can create YouTube videos about the App and publish.
  • Create a Facebook page and share it on Facebook
  • Join Quora and mention the App Link on your answers.

If you have any question, contact us via [email protected]

Apps to Promote

Top Country List

Austria France Lithuania Singapore
Australia Georgia Luxembourg Spain
Belgium Germany Macedonia Sweden
Canada Ireland Netherlands Taiwan
Czech Republic Israel New Zealand United Arab Emirates
Denmark Italy Poland United Kingdom
Finland Korea (South) Slovenia United States of America